Check out this picture, which Matt Davis snapped at city hall today:


Outside of that office, which used to say "Erik Sten," were boxes of discarded office supplies and old books. Sad. Nick Fish's first day is Friday, June 13—he'll take the oath of office at Rosa Parks Elementary School in North Portland at 10 am, and everyone's welcome to attend.

Also at city hall today after the meeting, I ran into Randy Leonard—who wanted to know why we hadn't yet blogged about this piece of hot news: He's going to join us as we camp out in advance of the Rose Festival Parade (we're holding a spot for our holiday auction winner).

Well here you go! As noted in my column this week, and on page 5 of the Mercury, we'll be out on the street all night, somewhere in the 500-700 block of SW Broadway. At 8 pm, we'll be making bubbles. At 10 pm, we're having a four square tournament. And at midnight, Leonard will join us for what I think will be the most fun—s'mores! (Since he used to be a firefighter, I'm sure it's going to be just fine that we're going to have a little "Smokey Joe" Weber grill on the city sidewalk, for marshmallow toasting purposes.)

Come and join us, Friday night starting at 8 pm and going until 8 am the next morning.

(There will also be a special appearance by the giant duct tape ball created during last year's Civic Clean Up Project.)