Things are looking up! Monet brought BOOZE! Then someone drove by and yelled, 'YOU ARE SO COOL." (There is the slightest possibility they were being sarcastic.) Special guest drop-bys: Angie, the gal who we're reserving the parade route spot for (thanks to her generous donation to the Mercury Online Charity Auction), and former Mercury newsie Scott Moore who is SUPER DRUNK. However, he's not as drunk as Merc sales associate Autumn. See?


And our super special guest, Commissioner Randy Leonard who has been surveying the parade route, and dropped by to make doubly sure we're serving him S'mores at midnight. YES, RANDY, WE'RE SERVING S'MORES. (He knows we're not putting dope in them, right?)


Whoops! Gotta go! 4-Square Tournament is about to start!