I could sooo go for some Potachos right now! What's a potacho, you ask? Well, according to Denny's hip new late night menu, it's nachos made from potato slices! Get it? Potacho? No?

In an effort to harden the "food-that-old-people-don't-need-to-wear-their-teeth-for" vibe, Denny's has launched an effort to woo the post-nightclub youth market with Denny's All Nighter. Their alluring slogan reads, "Nothing Good Happens After Midnight. Except Denny's."

Participating Denny's (82nd Ave at Clackamas Town Center and Stark St. at Mall 205) relax their atmosphere at midnight by playing rock music, allowing servers to dress casually, and offering bar type fare like potachos. Potachos!

The menu also includes a Smokin Q' Four Pack of mini BBQ cheeseburgers, "'cause bbq ain't got a curfew."

If bad grammar ain't good 'nuff to snag no wiley youth market, Denny's has also launched an All Nighter website. There, you can listen to music from Myspace bands and vote for your favorites to be "adopted" by Denny's, which entitles them to free meals while on tour! Score!

So, if you see your favorite Myspace band this summer and they're looking a little portly and lethargic, you can bet you'll see them at Denny's after the show. No Way! Potachos with Foxy Shazam!

Foxy Shazam: Potachos make us sad.