Hot-poop Mercury freelancer Kiala Kazebee is working on a fun article possibly titled "WHO IS PORTLAND'S BEST KJ?" (You know, the people who spin the karaoke discs at your favorite bars.) And she needs your help! In the comments below, let us know your nominations for Portland's Best KJ—and while I know you will do your best to remain objective, I'm not expecting miracles.

Here's Kiala's list of her current faves in no particular order:

1. Sean - The Hutch on Holgate

2. David - The Alibi

3. Dan - Chopsticks II

4. Luke - Chopsticks III

5. The Captain - Joe's Cellar

6. Whoever the hell at Yen Ha (no one would answer their goddamn phone).

You can also weigh in on the criteria for what makes a great KJ (or a crappy KJ)—but try to be nice! (Once again, I'm managing expectations.)