In a couple of hours, summer will have officially begun. Yay! And in honor of the momentous occasion I offer you another round of drinks sent in from friends and Blogtownies alike.

I'll start it off with the Ginger Rose, created by a Blogtown reader who will remain nameless because I did not ask her if I could put her name on the website. (Pssst. If you're reading this, send me another e-mail so I can give the credit where it's due!)

1/2 lemon,
1 1/2 to 2 oz vodka (depending on your tastes),
1/2 oz Cointreau or Triple Sec,
dash angostura bitters (optional),
squeeze of fresh ginger juice (press a chunk through a garlic press),
soda water

Muddle the lemon in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, vodka, Cointreau, bitters, and ginger. Shake well to mix. Strain into a highball or double old-fashioned glass, add a few ice cubes, and top off with soda water to taste.

Yum! Lemon-y ginger goodness will sure as hell take the edge off those hot summer nights! Well Done.

Our second option is a little, well, odd. It comes to me courtesy of good friend and drinking buddy, J.B. Barker. I first learned about his creation, the Euro Boilermaker, when he sent a drunken, late night video message to my phone. I couldn't quite make out what was happening, but he was all grins. It wasn't until later that I learned the awful secret of his happiness. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Euro Boilermaker:

One glass of cheap red wine - Mr. Barker points out that you''l probably want to buy something that he'd pretentiously describe as "too jammy."
One shot of frozen vodka

Pour wine into a tumbler or stemless wine glass. Pour frozen vodka shot into a shot glass and place beside glass of wine. Step back and admire. Try not to think about the abomination you are about to ingest. Now, before you lose your resolve pour the vodka into the wine glass and "chug chug chug."

Mr. Barker proclaims that the experience is, "head rush city." He also says that it is much better than you might expect. I say you need a pretty substantial set and maybe some type of mental deficiency to try this drink.

I'm not sure what the Euro Boilermaker will do for your summer - aside from granting some alcohol related amnesia to help you forget all the stupid shit you did while drinking Euro Boilermakers all summer. That is, at least, a small blessing.

And while we're on the subject, check out 40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do Before He Dies from Modern Drunkard Magazine (one of my favorite publications). I've completed maybe half of this list. Guess which ones!

If you've got any summer cocktail recipies, send them along. They may just end up on Blogtown next Friday. Cheers!