See this fellow? That's Kevin Pritchard, GM of the Blazers, and if the past few years are any indication, he is about to have one hell of a day.

Today is the NBA draft and after yesterday's prying open of Paul Allen's wallet, the Blazers now have 5 picks. That is far too many picks for a team this young (and with such a crowded roster), so expect KP to wheel and deal. A few players are on the bubble: Jarrett Jack, Martell Webster, and even Portland's favorite blogger, Channing Frye.

Some rumors right now have Portland trading up via New Jersey (most likely in order to take D.J. Augustin), shipping off a slew of players for Leandro "The "Brazilian Blur" Barbosa, apologizing to Darius Miles and re-signing him, or combing their numerous picks in order to woo a veteran away from another team.

The Mercury sports desk (um, myself wearing a homemade Richie Frahm jersey and Andrew "Jaxon" Tonry) will be at the Rose Garden liveblogging the excitement.