Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is the latest project from Joss Whedon, and far as I can tell, it's an online series that also happens to be a musical. Usually, the words "online series" and "musical" would combine to spell "certain doom," but hey, Whedon's involved, and plus, Dr. Horrible stars Neil Patrick Harris (!), Nathan Fillion (!!), and Felicia Day (okay, so I have no idea who Felicia Day is, but still--Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris!).

Well, here's the teaser for it, via the fansite for Dr. Horrible. (Whedon fans--either creepily or charmingly--will happily set up entire fan-based communities for shows they haven't even seen yet. There are already at least three for Dollhouse, which won't even air until January.) Considering I've only ever been able to sit through two musicals without seriously considering the benefits of becoming a cutter, it feels weird to say this--but, uh, I kind of wish there was some music in here?