Based on a press release we received at the Mercury today, it looks like the Portland Animal Defense League (PDXADL) will be moving their protests to Alberta Street. Their next target is Alberta Street Oyster Bar.


As I reported in the Mercury a few months back, PDXADL has thus far been able to remove foie from the menus of two Pearl Disctrict eateries: Ten 01 and Fenouil. Since then, they have continued to be a presence outside of Blue Hour, where foie remains firmly ensconced on the menu.

Protesters may get a much more friendly reception on Alberta Street, which is home to In Defense of Animals and a number of vegan restaurants.

PDXADL will have a press conference in front of Alberta Street Oyster Bar today at five pm to talk about their views on foie gras and to announce their demand to make Portland a "Foie Gras Free Zone."