Via FOX, which wrote "butt" instead of "ass" in their headline: "As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were kissing and making up last Friday, Bill Clinton might have had other ideas, according to a report in The (London) Telegraph. The paper reports that even as the former president and the current presumptive Democratic nominee prepare to meet to make their own amends, Bill Clinton reportedly told close friends Obama can "kiss my ass" to get his support." Do they have any idea how much money they could raise if this happens, and they film it?

Did the White House block a Pentagon plan to find Osama bin Laden?

Be careful if you drive out of Oregon: Both Washington and California have new laws on cell phone use while driving, which take effect tomorrow.

Floyd Landis lost his final appeal, and officially lost his 2006 Tour de France title.

Oil hit $143 a barrel.

Walsh Construction pulls out of building the Planned Parenthood clinic on NE MLK, citing aggressive anti-abortion protesters. Like this guy:

Bill Diss, one of the organizers of the local protest, said the effort is designed to remind the businesses involved in the project whom they're working for. He called Planned Parenthood a "killing center" that targets young girls, teaching them about sex and masturbation, which he called "the gateway drug to lust."

Today: Not as hot as yesterday.