Okay, nothing's official yet, so maybe not, but I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed anyway. The Hollywood Reporter is... um, reporting that Tarantino's long-promised WWII flick Inglorious Bastards "will film in Europe and is looking toward an accelerated production schedule so that it can be finished in time to submit to May's Festival de Cannes." That's the next Cannes, by the way: 2009. (So maybe Tarantino wasn't full of shit after all.)

My favorite thing I've heard Tarantino say about Bastards is this:

It is sort of a spaghetti western set in World War II. I am not going to call it this, but if I had a subtitle for it, it would be Once Upon a Time in Nazi-Occupied France.

A few days ago, Tarantino sent out his script for Bastards to a some of the big studios (Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, and Paramount), which was confusing: He's super-tight with the Weinsteins, and even though Grindhouse lost a lot of money for The Weinstein Co., it was assumed he'd be making his next film with them too. But now we know why other studios are being wooed--looks like troubled The Weinstein Co. is still gonna produce the film, but now they're looking for co-financiers. (About that script: I'm planning on resisting the temptation, but if you're interested, reviews of the leaked screenplay are already hitting the web, and should be pretty easy to find.)

There are also reports that Tarantino's asked Brad Pitt to star in the film, but with the way Tarantino works and casts, who the fuck knows if that'll actually end up happening. Tarantino's been talking about this film for roughly 87 million years, and I can't shake off some of the earliest rumors that swirled around this project: That Tarantino wanted to make Inglorious Bastards with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and (wait for it...) Adam Sandler. Kinda doubting that's still the case (if it ever was), but still: Billy Madison or no, new Tarantino. Soon. I hereby predict that it will reference a billion movies most people have never heard of, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that there might be a pervy shot of a foot or two. Maybe Tyra can get in on this shit this time around too.