This happened two weeks ago (which I think makes it what, 156 in blog years?), but I just saw it and so I'm reposting case anyone else missed the absolutely excruciating culture collision that was the Jezebel girls appearing on Daily Show co-creator and HuffPo blogger Lizz Winstead's Drinking and Thinking.

Ho-ly shit. Watch the videos here and then get back to me.

Now, I don't have much patience with Winstead's insistence that the Jezebel writers are "role models for young women everywhere," and as such have a responsibility to act in a manner that is..... Wow, I fell asleep while typing that sentence, and had a tiny dream about pancakes.

But damn, do things get ugly. The first clip isn't too bad; their jokes aren't great, but I can certainly understand the temptation to make them, particularly when Winstead starts getting all sanctimonious about birth control. (It would be rad if the 3rd wave could talk to the 2nd without sounding like a bratty teenager trying to provoke her mom, but whatever, I get it. Personal to my mom: I ASKED YOU NOT TO READ BLOGTOWN. PLEASE STOP. Why can't you trust me enough to respect my privacy?)

But Tracie's comments about how, you know, she's like, just too smart to get raped, really... No editorializing on those is even necessary (and damn is it hard to listen to her talk. I get the whole Kathleen Hanna/VGI aesthetic, but the word "intelligentsia" is pretty operative). It's basically the new-media equivalent of Britney Spears getting out of a car.

I'm turning in my feminist card. I don't like any of you people any more. (Does this mean I can't read Fine Lines anymore? But it's Friday...)