The Place: McMenamins, Hotel Oregon - Rooftop Bar

What Prompted the Visit: A very late night of BBQ cocktails with friends ended in a sweaty disco dance party in the living room of my apartment. Things were broken, people fell over and I fell off the smoking wagon. A 90 degree car ride to Lincoln City for a rib eating contest the next day just exacerbated the matter, prompting a detour into downtown McMinnville for the much needed cure.

The Room: Well, it's not so much a room as a roof. It was damn hot in wine country when my wife Kitty and I stopped into the Hotel Oregon. The breeze blowing across the rooftop deck was just about perfect. You know, it's a McMenamins. You can expect funky art in wierd places and an all around feel of low-brow class. It's like listening to the Grateful Dead with Dick Cheney. Does that make any sense?

The Bloody: A McMenamins bloody mary is like a cup of coffee at Starbucks—no matter which McMenamins you go to, you know that it's going to taste the same. I could have taken a chance at one of McMinnville's local bars, but I was too tired. The McMenamins bloody is tried and true. It's not the best in Portland, so I don't generally drink them when I'm in town, but when I'm out in the countryside, I can count on the tangy, smoky goodness of this particular bloody mary. Plus, it comes with pickled asparagus. I like pickled asparagus.

Affect: Well, I felt better, but I garnered a wicked sunburn on my nose and forehead. So, you win some...