Two weeks after Starbucks announced that it will close 600 stores this year, the list of doomed stores is out!

PDX is losing five. Here's the hit list:

20th and Division
18th and Hawthorne
Clackamas Town Center
Cornell and 188th (Hillsboro)
18000 NW Evergreen Pkmy (Beaverton)

The Division store isn't a surprise - it had hard times before it even opened, when someone threw molotov cocktails through its windows in anti-corporate protest the eve of its grand opening.

Starbucks promised it would try and reassign as many baristas as possible to other stores but, still, they're going to lay off 12,000 people and I'm concerned with how many baristas could be out of a job here in Portland. Each of the five PDX stores employs about 20 people, but the Starbucks media person Brooke Dale tells me, don't panic!

We expect to place many of the affected partners into available positions at nearby Starbucks stores. Those partners who are not offered a comparable position within a reasonable distance of their current location will be offered a severance payment to aid in their transition. All affected partners -- including full-time and part-time -- are eligible for severance based on job title and current pay rate.

She adds, "Throughout the history of Starbucks, we have always aspired to put our people first." Well, they didn't put the baristas first on this one: When I called to get the reaction from a barista at the Division shop, she hadn't even heard the store was closing -- I had to break the news.

Starbucks baristas across the country have been upset about the company leaving them in the dark about whose store would shut. Read their raging debate at Starbucks Gossip.