Strange. No bloody mary this weekend. I would have thought shopping under the influence of Long Island iced teas or roasting chicken to Tom Waits and rye whiskey might have done the trick. At least the giddy trip down Powell (walking, natch) to watch the talented aerial entertainers at the Lucky Devil Lounge and an after-hours session in an undisclosed location might have prompted some serious head clutching. Kinda. But not enough to drive me into the summer sun for my cure.

It seems pulled pork sandwiches, collard greens, and sweet tea are a fine substitute for a bloody mary. Good to know.

So, I ask you, dear Blogtownies: On this Bloody Monday, what is your hangover cure and where do you go to get it? Help out a few fellow drunkards and post your answers below.

Also, last Friday in my Summer Boozy Goodness post, I gave readers a challenge to come up with a cocktail recipe that would combine the booze from at least three of Portland's micro distilleries. The round of drinks I offered to buy is still up for grabs. Just send me an e-mail!

Here's to your week: may it be as painless as possible.