The internet has been good to me today. First of all, a friend works with Korean exchange students, and he pointed me toward this blog, where the kids write about their experiences in Portland. It's excellent. It started out as just food writing, and has apparently broadened in scope to include all manner of experiences:

"To buy something at Nordstrom Rack is very hard because we have to find something that is really expensive among thousands of products. It is like looking for a treasure ship in the deep blue sea."

"Last sunday, I, SunHye, Noel, Noel's friend Jennifer and my host mother went to Saturday Market. Although it was too hot, many people came to the Market. I had never seen the homeless. However, I could see homeless in the market. It was somewhat novel to me. I think America would be very very developing country. Also, I could see various races who sold their things in particular Tibet, Japanese, Chinese, Mexicans, extra. In particualar, I felt somewhat intimacy with Asian. So, I bought a necklace, a character of chinese indicating "good luck", from a Japanese. I also bought bracelet from African American for Korean friends."

And then there's this website, which the Gastronaut rather hilariously found via a Portland police officer's Twitter. Click on it. Do it.