Every week, the Mercury scours the streets to bring you photos of a sexy bike and a mini-interview with its bound-to-be-a-baller rider. I caught Luke doing donuts in a basement art gallery and on his rusty vintage low-rider, Luke proves sexy is all about attitude.

This week: Scraper Bikes are Sexy

Rider: Luke Forsyth
Bike:: Vintage brick-red Westfield frame with black banana seat
Spotted at: The Pancake Clubhouse art collective




This bike is really rusty and the paint's all scratched. Why are you so sure ladies are going to love this bicycle? Because scraper bikes are fly. I'd say they're drawn to the lowness, it's stylin' to be low to the ground. Some kids are playing on Huffys and stuff, but I think it's all about the old-school banana seats.

What's the appeal of the low? Pretty much the ability to get down.

How is your life different when you ride this bicycle? I feel better about myself, I'm healthier. Chicks dig it.

Are you ever afraid it's going to fall apart? Never, it's trusty. It just sucks to bike really fast on it.

How does the world look different from a low rider? It's a little bit slower. It's harder to make turns. You have to anticipate them by putting your weight into the turns, if you're going to do sweet big turns, you know?

What kind of people do you find ride scrapers? Gangstas. Exclusively gangstas. Hey, you have to write down that I wrote a song on the way home.

You did? Can you sing it?
It goes, "Scraper bikes are sexy, beers'll get 'em chicks. Yeah. Scraper bikes are sexy, beers'll get 'em chicks."

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