To celebrate my unpaid success (and since I don't have any bones to go out on the town with, and PDX Pop Now! isn't a 24 hour music fest) I have decided every Friday, I will watch a trashy movie, one that would be in the 99-cent bin, and take a Xanax and forget that I am not paid.

This week's movie is the 1999 teen film Jawbreaker.

A brief description: Rose McGowan and a couple other slutty Mcsluts kill their best friend by kidnapping her and shoving a jawbreaker in her mouth. One girl decides that she has feelings and doesn't care about being popular and leaves the group. Another joins it only to become a bitch-monster that wants to reign over Rose McGowan's throne. A Carrie like prom scene in the end reveals who the ultimate culprit is. There are cameos of Marilyn Manson and Pam Grier (what the frak!?)


This movie is awful, but I love their outfits. So colorful! I wish I had the money to dress like them when I was in high school but I am pretty sure I would be sent home. Corsets and fishnets seem more appropriate for 82nd Avenue, not 2nd period.