It's not a good day in Iraq: Four female suicide bombers killed 57 people.

Meanwhile, the two presidential candidates seem to be shifting their positions on Iraq, pointing their fingers at each other in the process.

Oh, and! The White House announced an impending record deficit of $490 billion. Hooray! Nice job, Mr. President.

Ooo, it gets better: Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez' former aide broke the law by "discriminating against job applicants who weren't Republican or conservative loyalists."

It's always the liberals' and the gays' fault, isn't it? "The gunman who yesterday shot up a Tennessee church that embraced gays and other liberal causes left behind a long letter fuming that he couldn't find a job and expressing a profound 'hated for the liberal movement,' police said today. Jim D. Adkisson, 58, ranted that 'liberals and gays' taking jobs had prevented him from finding work." Cops arrested him, but not before he'd killed two people. (Good luck finding a job now, Jim.)