I caught two city council candidates--yep, people are still running for city council--at this weekend's Division/Clinton Street Fair and parade.

I tagged along with Amanda Fritz, hoping to catch a glimpse of candidate-voter interactions. But in a parade setting, not surprisingly, those are limited mostly to Fritz waving and shouting "hello!" "good morning!" and "I'm running for city council!" and voters along the sidewalk waving back and saying things like "Amanda!" and "I'll vote for you if you have candy!" (To that voter, Fritz tried to quickly explain that as a publicly financed candidate, she couldn't toss candy like the motorcyclists in front of us, but the pace of the parade may have drowned out her response.)

Check out Amanda's threads (she was "feeling pink today," she told me) and unique campaign sign:


Charles Lewis was also in Saturday's parade. I caught up with him at the end of the route:


Both candidates have been laying fairly low this summer. Lewis and his wife just welcomed a baby girl earlier this summer, and Fritz took a bit of time off for her family after the election. But the pair seem to be diving back into campaign mode, with the election just 100 days away. Already, I've noticed announcements of "meet and greet" events with Fritz in spots like Hayden Island, and after the parade yesterday she jetted off to a neighborhood picnic and to do canvassing. Lewis has been more mum on his calendar, but I hope to go door knocking with him soon.