I'm not a big lunch eater. This is a fact that infuriates my lovely wife, Kitty. You see, she cares so much about my health, she's been known to drag herself out of bed at dawn to make me a tasty lunch, which I will inevitably leave on the counter in my mad dash out the door.

Kitty will be happy to know that our lunch troubles are over thanks to Soupcycle. Soupcycle is a spankin' new delivery service that will bring handcrafted soup to your home or office on a weekly basis "similar to a CSA or an organic food box." All you have to do is set up a soupscription (Ha! Get it... like subscription... but with soup...). The soup will be peddled to your door. Three different soups will be featured each week in three different categories: vegan, vegetarian or meat.

The soups sound kinda fun. For instance, there's a soup called My Babushka Can beat Up Your Babushka, your basic borschty, beety, cabbagy concoction- Lithuanian style.

There's also a soup called Jam Chowder: a creamy clam chowder described, in an e-mail forwarded to me, as "So tasty it's like Burning Man in your mouth." Yikes. Might want to work on that description. Still, the soup picture on their website, soupcycle.com, looks very good. I'll reserve any more comment until I get some of that soup in my belly.

This is worth keeping an eye on if you live or work in the delivery area known to Soupcycle as Souplandistan. On the map sent to me, it seems to be demarcated by pool of split pea.


I'll keep you updated as Soupcycle gets rolling.