Update: Now with footage from the game. Apparently kicking dudes in the crotch is a valid boxing maneuver. Who knew?

When you think of Kim Kardashian odds are good that you're thinking of her ass, and not boxing videogames.

*Cue dramatic orchestral swell*
Prepare to have your paradigms shifted.

Electronic Arts has announced that Kim and Kim's ass (and any other body parts that she may or may not possess) will appear in the company's upcoming arcade boxing title Facebreaker.

She is said to be only one of the long list of "celebs" planned for inclusion in the game, though so far Ms. Kardashian is the only revealed cameo.

If EA is ballsy enough to label Kim a cameo-worthy celeb I'm holding out hope that they'll include someone really esoteric and twice as awesome ... like Corey Feldman.