That's probably my favorite image I've ever posted on the blog. Moving on.

According to Variety, Inglorious Bastards is indeed moving full-steam ahead, with shooting scheduled to start on October 13 and no fewer than three major roles already cast. Let's start with the big one:

1) Brad Pitt's gonna play "a Tennessee hillbilly who assembles a team of eight Jewish-American soldiers."

2) Said team will include Eli Roth as "a baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter."

3) It'll also most likely include The Office's B.J. Novak, as "a soldier of slight build who comes from New York."

Wow, that description of Novak's character is super-lame compared to Pitt's and Roth's. Then again, those descriptions are pretty hard to top: A "baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter" is the coolest job description ever, and I know because that was my first job when I got out of high school. Argentina is fucking hot in the summer, just FYI, and meting out justice does not have have the cooling effect one would hope for.

Also, now I'm kind of hoping Novak's girlfriend from The Office will show up in the movie now. Is that weird? I kinda have a crush on her, even though she seems like she'd be the worst girlfriend ever.