Commissioner Sam Adams just called, to clarify a few things around street renames. He's about to file a resolution for next week's city council meeting, appointing a panel of three historians who will vet street rename proposals--both the ones for Cesar Chavez and Douglas Adams--and re-committing the city to following the rename process outlined in city code.

He also notes that the city's $35,000 as-yet-unnamed consultant "is not for the applicants." The consultant will assist the panel of historians and the planning commission with outreach, for whatever street renaming proposals come along in the next year.

Finally, the proposal to rename 42nd for Douglas Adams can carry on, Adams says, while the Chavez application also goes through the pipeline. The city engineer is currently looking at the Douglas Adams application, and if it meets the basic city criteria, the proponent can decide if they'll be gathering signatures from 75 percent of 42nd's property owners, or from 2500 people city wide. Aaron Duran of posted an update on the group's blog, and tells me:

I had a short conversation with Sam Adams regarding the process.

He was very helpful in explaining the situation. He also went on to explain that this consultant is not just for the Chavez group. He claims this consultant is going to work with any group attempting a street renaming process. I have no reason not to believe him.

We should have an official answer [from the city engineer] within a week or two.