Pineapple Express (Showtimes)
Some esteemed film critics "find it impossible to find anything redeeming or funny about losers abusing drugs." We respectfully disagree.

American Teen (Showtimes)
It's like The Breakfast Club! Except with some chick getting called "Pepperoni Nipples."

Movie That Will Make You Stab Your Own Face The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Showtimes)

Man on Wire (Showtimes)
A documentary about the ridiculously named Frenchman Philippe Petit, who walked on a tightrope between the Twin Towers in 1974. Rumor has it he was just trying to get Jerry Lewis' attention.

My Winnipeg (Showtimes)
Artsy fartsy filmmaker Guy Maddin examines his Canadian childhood. OR DOES HE?

The Grocer's Son (Showtimes)
A generic coming-of-age story that happens to be set in France. [Enter second Jerry Lewis joke here.]

And last but not least, tonight Ghostbusters plays for free in Pioneer Courthouse Square at dusk! The Flicks on the Bricks films are always really fun--everyone hanging out in the Square, a big inflatable screen, popcorn and ice cream, etc.--but just in case you need a reminder of why this one will kick extra amounts of ass, behold one of the greatest music videos ever made.