Here it is: Your chance to make it to the BIG TIME.

The Mercury and the Art Institute of Portland are presenting the "My Pretty Portland" film and animation contest, in which you--yes, you--can submit your two-minute-long film, and possibly walk away with $1,000, or a bunch of other cool prizes, or a swift kick to the rear! All you need to do? Make a live-action or animated film that's two minutes or less in length, and that follows the theme of "My Pretty Portland"--in other words, a short that shows what you love about our fair city, be it the sun-dappled glades of Forest Park, the bike-covered streets, the thriving music scene, or the wide arrange of super-friendly ladies along 82nd. (Hi Mercedes!) Extra credit will be given to films that include a unicorn or flying pony. Obviously.

Out of all the submissions we receive, 10 will be selected and shown at the the Art Institute's Rock the Block 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, August 30. From those 10 films, winners will be picked, prizes will be given out, dreams will be mercilessly crushed magically come true, etc.

Full details and rules can be found right here. Get on it, Scorsese.