If you--like any sane person--thought that no character could ever be as reviled as Jar Jar Binks (click here at your own peril), prepare to be surprised: Ziro the Hutt makes his debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and words cannot describe what a catastrophic clusterfuck his character is. I'm genuinely astonished he somehow made it onto the screen, though I guess this explains matters a bit. (review, showtimes)

Moving on, there's other stuff that came out this week, too:

Tropic Thunder
Despite Ned's so-so review, I'm still gonna check this out this weekend, for two reasons: 1) Robert Downey Jr, and 2) the phrase "The Fatties Fart 2." (review, showtimes)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Woody Allen is a dirty old man, and his latest has Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz making out in it. Come to think of it, I'll probably be checking this one out this weekend too. [Insert "woody" joke here.] (review, showtimes)

Supertrash Film Fest
There's some great stuff and some terrible stuff at the current Supertrash. Courtney gives you the lowdown on what's what. (review, showtimes)

Henry Poole Is Here
Luke Wilson finds Jesus--literally! Compared to that, maybe Ziro isn't so bad after all. (review, showtimes)

Bottle Shock
A goofy melodrama about wine. What, Sideways wasn't annoying enough? (review, showtimes)

Sixty Six
Bar mitzvahs are hard. And cute! (review, showtimes)

The Sensation of Sight
David Strathairn sells encyclopedias and finds out secrets. I wonder if one of the secrets is what that annoying encyclopedia kid is up to now. Hopefully he's rotting in a ditch. (review, showtimes)

Encounters at the End of the World
It's the new one from Werner Herzog. Go see it. And below, witness Werner getting shot in the middle of an interview, and then carrying on like it didn't even matter. "It doesn't surprise me to be shot at," he says. Werner Herzog is fucking awesome. (review, showtimes)