(I hope Herr Henriksen forgives me for momentarily stamping on his cinephile toes, but PlayStation 3 owners (and those on the fence about buying one) ought to hear this.)

Those amazingly dedicated movie fetishists -- "geek" isn't a strong enough word given the meticulously crafted versions of cinematic classics they are responsible for -- who compile and release the Criterion Collection have laid bare their official home theater components. The news? Though the company has their pick of any consumer and non-consumer grade Blu-Ray player available, the machine they love most is none other than Sony's PlayStation 3.

Additional news? Instead of springing for a Monster-brand HDMI cable that costs more than your car, the Criterion folks use a standard $2 DVI Gear model to carry the audio/visual signal from their PS3 to what I presume is a 70" television that hands out gold-plated blowjobs and delicious candy.

In related news, the people responsible for Mansquito prefer Pepsi over Coke.