Run Away! Jamaican runner Bolt breaks a world record while elderly Chinese protesters are sentenced to a year of breaking rocks.

Cancer Cure?: Two years ago, cervical cancer inhibitor Gardasil was hailed as the must-have vaccine of the season. Now critics say the hype was unhealthy.

Hello, Goodbye: What do Guantanamo detainees say during their one phone call home a year?

Who's Dying More? U.S.A. Today compiled a list of hospital death rates so, whoa, now anyone can compare hospitals in their state.


Rental Rewrite: The city's Bureau of Housing and Community Development says rental code should be tighter to keep out the slumlords.

Tiny Slush Fund: Portland's police and fire department pension fund accidentally pays retirees $3.1 million extra, including $19 monthly into Tom Potter's pocket.