I'm working at home this afternoon, which means I get to geek out and watch the Democratic National Convention. I couldn't have turned it on at a better time. It was the roll call, the time for delegates to cast their votes for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. My colleagues at the Stranger live-blogged the action, and I caught the highlight--when it was New York's turn to cast their votes, the mic was handed to Sen. Clinton. She said Obama is her candidate, and the next President of the United States, then moved "that the convention suspend the procedural rules" and nominate Obama "by acclimation."

Nancy Pelosi, at the podium, repeated Clinton, and called for a second. The entire arena, it seems, cheered. Pelosi called for a vote, and the arena was rocked with a chorus of "aye."

Across the bottom of the C-Span screen: Sen. Obama Now Official Democratic Nominee for President.

What a relief. I was secretly worried that Clinton supporters would do something nasty to subvert the nomination. Props to Clinton herself for bringing everyone together.