Local publisher Top Shelf just announced a massive online sale running through Sept 12th. Tons of graphic novels and comics on the cheap.

A quick scan of their website reveals treats like Renee French's Micrographia, about some adorable rodents and the crapball they love, for $3; Alan Moore's Lost Girls and Alex Robinson's Box Office Poison are both $10 off, down to $65 and $19.95, respectively; the books in Jeff Lemire's excellent Essex County trilogy are all a few bucks off; plus all the Jeffrey Brown you can shake a... what's an emo thing to shake? I don't know. Anyway, from the press release:

-- $3 Books: Comic Book Artist, I Am Going To Be Small,
Lower Regions, Regards from Serbia, That Salty Air,
-- $3 Books: Alec - After the Snooter, The Mirror of Love,
The King, Fox Bunny Funny, plus 90 more!
-- Slashed Prices: From Hell Hardcover, Lost Girls, Blankets,
Too Cool To Be Forgotten, Owly, Korgi, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Super Spy, Essex County Trilogy,
Incredible Change-Bots, The Surrogates, and more!
-- Freebies with every order: Yearbook Stories,
The 2008 Top Shelf Sampler, and Owly & Friends!

Buy stuff here.