Yesterday, I went to City Market and watched in awe as Viande Meats and Sausage butcher, Tom Daly, de-boned, stuffed, and trussed a young pig. He was making porchetta, a classic Italian pork dish with deep historical roots. Viande has been selling this delicacy every Friday for almost a decade.


Porchetta is essentially a whole, stuffed, roasted pig. After being de-boned, the meat is seasoned with garlic, black pepper, salt and rosemary. Then, it is layered with pork sausage and a butterflied pork loin, before being sewn together again. The end result looks less like a pig and more like a giant, fleshy caterpillar with a pigs head.


I'll be returning to Viande tomorrow to see the porchetta emerge from the oven, and talk to some of the regular customers. Look for the full story in an upcoming Last Supper.