So My Pretty Portland is over and done with--but now local filmmakers have another chance to show off their short films. The Regional Arts and Culture Council's "Portland Art Happens" program is a new project that intends to "excite, stimulate, and inform the 50,000 monthly visitors to the RACC website by showcasing an array of short videos by local filmmakers that portray Portland's vibrant art scenes." (I know, right? Who'd have thought you could have both "excite" and "stimulate" in a sentence and still have it be that boring?)

Basically, the RACC is looking for films that are between 30 seconds and three minutes long and are produced exclusively for this project, and they need to "feature a variety of art forms being presented in the tri-county area." You've also gotta open and close with the RACC logo (which, in addition to all these requirements, kinda makes this whole thing feel like maybe RACC is just lookin' to get some TV ads made on the cheap). Deadline's September 17, and if you're one of the six filmmakers they select from the submissions, you get $200.

Complete details are here.

As for the above image? Bayotic, isn't it? (I don't know what you guys' problem with the dude is. He's just trying to make a lot of kids' dreams around the world. He's a goddamn hero.)