TBA coverage is proceeding briskly over at our TBA blog. No art-induced breakdowns yet, though it is only day 5. Some higlights:

Marjorie introduces us to new Portlander Ice Rod in a dispatch from the irony vortex that was the Works on Friday.

I grumble a bit because Reggie Watts doesn't do exactly what I want him to.

Patrick does an admirable job describing an Israeli dance piece that I have it on good authority absolutely no one understood.

I name check Guy Debord and hope that somebody notices in a writeup of the French choreographer Jerome Bel's great concept-art piece Pichet Klunchen and Myself, and Patrick reports from a noontime chat with Bel.

Temple Lentz raves about Lemon Anderson's moving one-man piece, about which I've heard nothing but good.

Hit our listings to find out the wheres and whens. Tonight's your last chance to see both the Bel and Anderson pieces; also tonight, Au and Ethan Rose at late-night music/performance space the Works. And seriously, the Works is fuuuun this year, though drinks are a bit pricey. (The drinks at the 715 Inn up on Broadway are remarkably stiff. just sayin'.)