Remember how I was pretty sure that season two of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was going to be better than the first? Well, the season premiere aired last night, and it kicked a sizable amount of ass. It's early yet, but if last night's episode was any indication, it feels like Sarah Connor has really found its footing as a fun, fast-paced, sci-fi soap opera that also features a ton of car crashes.

As amazing of a description as that might be, that doesn't mean the show's perfect--John Connor was entirely too emo and even got all Richie Tenenbaum last night, and Shirley Manson's head creeps me right the fuck out, and there was something awesome that happened that was, alas, for some ungodly reason, dependent on both a urinal and a pun about pissing somebody off. But all in all? Yes. Oh, and there were also explosions. And terminator-o-vision. And etc. Watch it here.