Since there are absolutely no readings of interest happening in town tonight, here are some links to tide you over until Richard Russo, Daphne Beal, Paul Auster and Chuck Klosterman all hit town this weekend:

Harpers has made their entire archive of David Foster Wallace's work for the magazine available online.

Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer was handpicked by Douglas Adams' widow to write the sixth book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Does this seem profoundly unnecessary to anyone else? From the Guardian:

Colfer, who has been a fan of Hitchhiker since his schooldays, said being given the opportunity to continue the series was "like suddenly being offered the superpower of your choice". "For years I have been finishing this incredible story in my head and now I have the opportunity to do it in the real world," he added. "It is a gift from the gods. So, thank you Thor and Odin."

The book will "make no claims for Eoin being Douglas", according to Prior. "It's not Eoin Colfer writing as Douglas Adams, as was the case with Sebastian Faulks," she said, pointing to Penguin's successful publication of Faulks's new James Bond novel Devil May Care earlier this year. "It's absolutely about him being himself - Eoin the author, but with the cast of Hitchhiker."

MTV's Splash Page has a 6-page preview of the forthcoming Jonathan Ames'-penned graphic novel The Alcoholic (hitting stores Sept 24), as well as an interview in which Ames explains that he was inspired to try his hand at writing comics by Brian K Vaughan's Y: The Last Man.

Oprah is scheduled to announce her new book club pick on Friday. Speculation abounds. I bet it's David Wroblewski's The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (better that than the other "think like a dog" book that's been suggested, the Starbucks-approved The Art of Racing in the Rain). Sawtelle is a contemporary retelling of Hamlet, with dogs, and is far better than that glib summation might make it sound.