With just 104 days left in Mayor Tom Potter's administration, his staff is dropping left and right. Community Affairs Director Carmen Rubio is moving to Commissioner Nick Fish's office on Monday, where she'll be doing policy and communications work. And the mayor's spokesperson, John Doussard, is bidding the mayor's office adieu next week.

(Confidential to Doussard: Your last act should be to follow the advice of the masses--all 85 of them--and set Tom up with a Facebook profile. Then he can do his own communicating, even when all the staff has left and he's all by his lonesome up on the third floor.)

Confidential to everyone else: Potter's wife, Karin Hansen--who lists "number one supporter and fan of my amazing husband, Tom Potter, mayor of Portland, Oregon" in her Facebook activities--apparently founded that Facebook group. Because her Dozono and Potter fan club blog is so over. (Props to the O's Anna Griffin for pointing out the Hansen connection.)