The FBI is investigating the corrupt corporations at the center of the Wall Street crash -- and they may want to hurry before these companies blow through the $700 billion we're planning on giving them.

North Korea kicks out U.N. monitors, decides to get the band back together. Their band's name is "Nuclear Holocaust" by the way.

A video has emerged that shows Sarah Palin praying with a "witch hunter." Man. That almost sounds kinda cool!

A new poll finds that 18% of voters are "persuadable." If only my odds were that good back in high school.

As reported here yesterday, lesbian Clay Aiken has come out of the closet.

An effigy of Barack Obama was found hanging in a tree in Newberg, Oregon. THANKS A PANTLOAD, NEWBERGIANS!

Bill Clinton dropped by The Daily Show last night, and here's what he had to say about the economy.

And... here's what he had to say about Barack Obama getting elected!