I stopped by Commissioner Randy Leonard's office at 5, to ask him a few questions for a piece I'm doing this week. He invited me in, but then ran over to the adjacent office of Commissioner Sam Adams. Moments later, Adams' chief of staff came and retrieved Leonard's chief of staff, leaving me all alone in Leonard's office (everyone else has gone home for the day).


It's been 30 minutes. Of me sitting alone in Leonard's office. If I'd known how big a window of opportunity had dropped in my lap, I totally would have sent some emails from his computer:

Dear Commissioner Adams,

On second thought, I don't want to head up the Police Bureau. Too stressful.



Dear Rosie,

Why do you hate me?


Or, I could have set up a Facebook account for him, and friended Tom Potter, the only other council member with an account (it's new!). What else could I do?