Ask anyone who's not too drunk to remember last year's edition of PIZZAZZ! (Portland's funnest talent show). They will most likely tell you it was a goddamn hoot, and perhaps better than any other event, really demonstrates how weird and talented this town can be. They might also tell you that PIZZAZZ! almost always sells out (in a good way), and that you better get your tickets STAT!

While tickets are currently on sale at the Wonder Ballroom box office, and Ticketmaster for the low, low price of $10 each (it'll be $12 at the door), your friends here at Blogtown are all too happy to prime the pump and offer a pair of tickets for FREE to one lucky reader!

If you want the tix, send me an email HERE with "PIZZAZZ TICKETS STAT!" in the subject header. Then on this Friday (Oct 10) at 3 pm, we'll choose the winner at random and update this post with the lucky person's name. THEN WE'LL SEE YOU AT PIZZAZZ! ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 AT 8 PM! It's gonna be a blast!

UPDATE!! We have a winner!