The Bush administration has announced they may take over part ownership in the nation's floundering banks, leading the Republicans to say, "Yay! Just what we've always wanted: socialized banking!"

I love it that the National Rifle Association is endorsing McCain, and having to hold their nose while doing it.

"Trooper-gate" continues for Sarah Palin, and this time hubby Todd Palin is being dragged into the mix.

North Korea announced they will pull out of nuclear negotiations and restart their atomic bomb factory -- and guess who's fault it is? "That guy!" (i.e. The United States and it's stupid preconditions.)

Tens of thousands of eligible voters have been blocked from registering or removed from the rolls completely in several swing states. In other words, the "fix" has already begun.

Makers of some of the most delicious cookies in the world, Archway has filed for bankruptcy. Where's their freaking bailout?!?

Bill Sizemore, the man personally responsible for most of the state's Democratic woes, was in court yesterday for allegedly spending initiative campaign money on personal holdings and he's looking guiltier and guiltier by the second.

And finally, Sarah Palin may have her faults, but nobody BLEEPS like this BLEEPING BLEEP.