Indeed it is.

This "Jolly Rancher green" 1996 Impala is a really something--although it sort of looks like the Incredible Hulk threw it up--and while I'm a little confused on why the gentle, if not downright goofy, Outlaw went with the whole airbrushed evil skull shooting the playing cards motif, I'm just jealous that this isn't on the trunk of my car.

The car is the work of Brian White from Big Wheels (of Ocala, Florida), who is responsible for pimping the respective rides of NBA players Larry Hughes, Zach Randolph, and the absolutely glorious ride of former Blazer Darius Miles. White informed us that he is working on a new "candy red" ride for LaMarcus Aldridge as well.

But enough about all that, Outlaw's green machine has it's own video: Enjoy!