This dude lives at the mall. Literally.

From Time Magazine:

...When the Americana at Brand opened in Glendale, Calif., in May, shoppers really got a chance to make themselves at home. That's because the $400 million retail complex includes not just Cole Haan, Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters but also 100 condos and 238 apartments--part of real estate's mixed-use trend.
Here are some quotes from the lucky tenant:
"This place actually feels more like a European shopping district."

"It's $2,800 a month, for a one-bedroom with a big patio. It's not cheap, but I'm saving money on gas, 'cause I can get everything I need right here."

"I go to the movie theater, the restaurants, the Barnes & Noble. It's free to people-watch. If anything, I have to worry about gaining weight from the Cheesecake Factory."

"[Frank Sinatra] seems to be playing on the mall speakers all the time. Yup. Him and Michael Buble."

Oh dear god. I'm kinda speechless. It sounds like he's enjoying it, but this is like my worst nightmare. Reading this just makes me grateful for my crummy, dirty, rundown apartment with no muzak and nary a Cheesecake Factory for miles.