... in which no one got run over by a bus. The Rose Quarter's legal opening to bikes was marked by the world's shortest bike parade, about 50 people from BTA, Trimet and the city, headed up by Sam Adams who looked kind of awkward with a drop handlebar road bike and Pryme helmet.



The whole thing would have taken 30 seconds if the paraders hadn't stopped to obey the red light between the MAX tracks. So it was kind of a non-event, but I still think it should be pointed out since we rag on the city all the time and this is something I think they've done right. I'm glad TriMet has recognized that breaking the law by cutting through the Quarter made a lot more sense than taking the cumbersome official bike route around and so decided to lay down some fat 'n sparkly green bike lanes. I'm also glad that my months of personally pissing off bus drivers by slipping around them on my bike have come to an end. Safety! Yes!