Last night I was trying to find clips of Disney classics on YouTube to keep a three year old happy, and I discovered that seven-year-old girls aren't the only ones obsessed with Cinderella et al. There is a frightening world of Disney Princess fan vids out there, kids. For example, this one features the atrocious "Out Tonight" from RENT, while this one somehow makes Savage Garden's unfortunate hit "Truly Madly Deeply" even more gag-inducing by mashing it with princess clips.

I was excited for a bit of social commentary when I came across this vid titled "Disney Princesses are Slaves," but unfortunately poster "LittleMermaid06" has simply mixed two of her favorite things: Britney Spears' song "Slave 4 U" and female characters that offer little more to young girls than the hope that a man will sweep them off their feet and they'll live happily ever after, kept women in a castle in a faraway land. LS