Have you ever dreamed of watching Barack Obama kill a Latin oil baron? Ever found yourself a bit ... "engorged" while imagining Sarah Palin firing missiles from a helicopter at a platoon of Venezuelan guerrillas?

Today is your lucky day, m'boy!

According to G4 (the vaguely videogame-based cable network) the presidential hopeful and vice-presidential moose assassin are coming to Pandemic Studios' Mercenaries 2: World in Flames in an upcoming downloadable content pack (skip to 1:03 in the clip unless you wanna hear about the Beatles' Rock Band spinoff).

Both will be playable characters, and both will play through the same storyline that drove Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to declare the game a "campaign of psychological terror" crafted by the U.S. government.

No word so far on when we'll be able to download Captain Hope n' Change and that woman who we'll all have forgotten by February, nor any confirmation on how much the pack might cost.

Needless to say, as soon as I find out more solid info on this thing I'll let you all know. This shit is just too bizarrely hilarious to not cover almost constantly.