Let's start with the fact that when Starbucks offered to give away free coffee to anyone who said they voted today, they were in violation of federal election law. Apparently you cannot give away any sort of freebies to entice people to register to vote or to actually vote. To fix the problem, Starbucks decided to give a free tall coffee to anyone who asks! Ben and Jerry's has done the same thing with ice cream scoops, and Krispy Kreme has followed suit with patriotic donuts. I can tell you that the coffee is indeed free, having procured mine at 7:30 this morning at a grocery store Starbucks in the West Hills (don't ask).

More important, however, are the polling station screw-ups being reported around the country. So far they include Black Panthers, wet ballots, incorrect ballots, incorrect voters pamphlets, and a smattering of shadowy douche bags, who've attempted to misdirect voters through intimidating or misleading phone calls. The hysterical, yet oh-so-concerned CNN has it all laid out for you here. With links to hilarious at-the-polls video footage.

Sure, we don't get to participate in election day madness as much as your average Virginian, but hey, at least we don't have to contend with all the bullshit.