The dimly lit Doug Fir is full of boozing voters and red white and blue balloons - it's hard to hear CNN over the anxious election gossip of the crowd.

Matt Davis is starting out the night of his first presidential election with a patriotic bang:
(yes, that's Sarah Palin and yes, that's Matt's sheepish hand on her strap-on.)

I caught up with a couple voters making their way toward inebriation in the corner. One man was sipping a Doug Fir drink called "Evil Dewars" (get it?) featuring red whiskey. "I'm pretty anxious and not in a good way," said one woman, visibly rocking with nervous energy, "but now that I'm here, I'm excited." The crew - and the rest of the crowd - seem pretty confident when it comes to state races. "I saw Gordon Smith shaking hands in a MAX station today and all these people were scurrying away from him!" said a woman leaned against the booth.

They weren't sure which way Indiana or any other state would swing, but one woman had a sure fire election prediction: "I'm going to get really drunk."