If it weren't for the hangover that's currently throwing up inside my head, I'd say this will go down as one of the greatest mornings of our lives.

McCain graciously concedes.

Want to hear Sarah Palin speak one more time about 2012? (Here's the video... I'm sorry, but my hangover won't allow me to watch it.)

While not filibuster proof, the Democrats are now wielding a mighty big bat in Congress.

In Oregon, Republican Gordon Smith is tied with Jeff Merkley this morning, but uncounted votes could easily give Merkley the victory.

California will put a black man in the White House, but they're mean enough to rescind gay marriages? Maybe people who voted for Prop 8 should have to personally tell those couples they aren't married anymore.

Bush promises complete cooperation with the incoming Obama. Umm... thanks, but no thanks. Seriously dude, you've done enough.

Check out this sneaky peek at Newsweek's Special Election Project, where reporters were allowed unfettered access to both campaigns, in exchange for not publishing it until after the election. For example, Sarah Palin greeted her staff dressed only in a towel, and an F-bomb dropping Obama?!

Jurassic Park and Andromeda Strain author Michael Crichton has passed away at age 66.

Think we can get just as choked up this morning as we did last night watching Obama's victory speech? YES, WE CAN!