Lord knows the economy could use some stimulation, so pry open those wallets and head down to Slabtown's Rock and Shop event on Saturday, December 13th.

There you will find a slew of local labels selling their releases at low prices, plus Slabtown's stage will be hosting live music (no word on what bands will be playing as of yet) to soundtrack your shopping spree. The event is free, which just means more money for you to spend on records. The economy depends on it, don't let America down.

Here's a big 'ole list of what local labels will be hawking their goods:
Beginning Era Records
Bladen County Records
Boy Gorilla Records
Crash Assailant Records
Dirtnap Records
Extra Ball
Felony Fidelity
Green Noise Records
In Music We Trust
Jealous Butcher Records
Kill Rock Stars
King Of Hearts Records
PDX Pop Now
Reverb Records
Sohitek Records
States Rights Records
Tender Loving Empire
The Union Records

End Hits: Alcoholic shopaholics.