So that Milk contest? Over. If you haven't received an email from me by now, then you didn't win. That means you have two options: (A) Wait until November 26 to see the film when it officially opens, or (B) Buy tickets to the premiere.

Or there's (C): Swing by the Mercury offices (605 NE 21st Ave, Suite 200) to get a free Milk t-shirt. I'm not sure why, exactly, but the studio decided to send us approximately 800,000 billion promotional Milk shirts, so we're giving them away until we don't have any more. First come, first serve, etc. (And keep it on the DL, but you can grab two shirts if you give a hug to our friendly office manager, Brad Buckner! Sure, he might seem a bit prickly at first, but he loves hugs.)

Or there's (D), which is to forget all about Milk and just watch the trailer for Shark in Venice over and over and over.